Monday, 25 April 2011

Green Fingers in Winter?

Although it's winter down here in Australia, I did my nails today for Moment's like Diamonds' Spring nail art contest!
My equipment:
-Some tissues to clean up edges and any little problems
-My almost empty nail polish remover bottle - to remove old polish and other little mistakes
-A small box of misc. deco pieces
-My trusty nail care tool set
-A couple pieces of nail sticker thingies
-My collection of nail polishes
-Some cheap little diamonds to bling up my nails
-And tweezers

I guess that doing my nails was pretty challenging as there were so many tiny pieces such as the little sequins and their tiny dots which i used instead of the fake diamonds which failed on me. It was also very stressful because some of the polish was thick and turned out bumpy when i put it on my nails. It became so thick at times it took forever to dry, which was annoying.

(Click for a bigger image)
Can you see the birdie and the little bumble bee?
It took me a whole afternoon, which was rather annoying, but at least it didn't fail, right?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Odd Egg Out

I lied when I said that the tree necklace would be my last piece for these holidays.
Doesn't the pink egg look a bit like the Nemo egg?
Can you tell it's 3 eggs in a nest?
I actually made this one last night in 3 minutes. Literally. (I could have said 5 seconds, but I wouldn't have been able to say literally...) It was super easy, which was very rewarding.
It's a bit larger than my thumb, so it's pretty small, unlike the huge tree necklace from before.

So the concept of this one is based on the good old story of The Ugly Duckling. The 2 white pearl beads are the duckling eggs and the pink one is the goose egg (COZ IT'S SO PRETTY).
I guess the super roundness of the beads make them look un-egg-like, but I really couldn't be bothered to drill holes in my real egg shaped pearls (no, I just don't want purple eggs...)

Here's another little look at a possible Mori Girl Co-ord:
I think this photograph is trying to tell me something.
I think it's trying to tell me that I need to find more tops for Mori me
So, what do you think?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Little Something for Mori Me

It's the last week of the holidays, and I realised that the holidays had just passed so quickly. I also realised that I had not made anything, so I dug up my dusty and long neglected wire and beads. I soon decided to make a "little" accessory for my Mori Girl co-ords and this was the result:

Can you tell it's a tree? I was aiming more for a boosai type tree...
I was afraid that I wouldn't finish it by today, but luckily I finished it just this afternoon. I was also very afraid it wouldn't turn out that great, and just a bunch of twisted wires. I had also contemplated adding feathers or tassels on the bottom like a dream catcher, but maybe that would have been too much? I might make some more if I have more time with some dangling charms, just for a couple more variations...
As this may only be the project I will  make this holidays, I wish I could say I totally love this piece. Sadly, this is not so. There is just something that doesn't look right... something I still can't spot yet... Maybe it's the shape/size/colour of the beads? Or the arrangement of the wire to form the roots and branches?

Here's a sneak-peek of a Mori Girl co-ord:
Don't you reckon it looks much like the peace sign?
I suppose it will be the jewel of my Mori Girl co-ords because of the blue I picked...

So what do you guys think of this piece?

Friday, 22 April 2011

Sydney Shop-shop-shopping!

©mnugget 'ere
Shopping yesterday was pretty hectic especially at Zara, which I found to be disgustingly crowded. I dont really have a thing for crowded places you know? I dont think Emily minded, lmao. But I did manage to buy a few things at Sportsgirl and CottonOn. 
Rubi shoes from CottonOn
Price: 35AUD (originally 49.99AUD)

These are the shoes I bought from CottonOn yesterday. I actually didn't find any shoes that I thought were appropriate to buy until my friends and I were a few steps from leaving the store. Quite comfy I must say, though I haven't really worn these boots out yet. These pair would probably be chucked on with my collection of harem pants or any 'cool-coloured' skirts with stockings to complete the Autumn look.

 Lol, but don't trust me on my fashion advice/sense.

The Pursuit for the Perfect Tights...

Yesterday, Minh and I went to the city with a couple friends for the new Zara store in Sydney. All day, I had been looking for a pair of nice tights, but I could not find any that satisfied any of my criteria. We went to Sports Girl, where I spotted some nice tights, but they weren't all that special. It was not until we arrived at Forever New that discovered their wall of tights.
It's not really that much of a wall, but...

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Hello! Minh and Emily here. Welcome to our new blog, where we'll be posting snippets of our lives, our pursuit to perfect our fashion and art style, and other minor interests and obsessions.

Tidbit about Minh;
And why did I decide to collaborate with my best friend? Really, I don't know. Yes, that is my failed attempt at being interesting and … well, I really didn’t know how to start this so called, ‘introduction’ thing but I guessed I already did. Alright, and so we’ll venture into the mysteries of Minh. I'm starting to bullcrap here, lol.
I’m a girl who is constantly labelled as the “quiet but full of bubbling excitements” (quoted from Emily) one, the weird one I guess. But that’s Minh for you, lmao. Surprisingly, with a music interest of Jrock, and Kpop you’d probably imagine me as a ‘hyper-omgheissohotlookatthosemuscles’ girl but…haha, maybe I am, maybe I’m not.
Want to know more of my interests?
Lmao, Emily and my interests are pretty similar so check out the chick below me!

Emily's world:
Welcome to the word of constantly changing and eccentric obsessions, aka, my wonderland. In this world, you will find bizarre fusions of all things, highly influenced by Japan's Pop Culture. Technology, music, fashion, art and DIY are the monarchs of this world, making me the God; a bit of everything, and bit of nothing. To sum it all up, I am a "computer, art, and maths nerd", mostly but being the Creator of such an awesome world, I'd have to be a pretty good technical engineer with a good mathematical brain, and good taste. 

:) Stay tuned for further posts!