Friday, 22 April 2011

Sydney Shop-shop-shopping!

©mnugget 'ere
Shopping yesterday was pretty hectic especially at Zara, which I found to be disgustingly crowded. I dont really have a thing for crowded places you know? I dont think Emily minded, lmao. But I did manage to buy a few things at Sportsgirl and CottonOn. 
Rubi shoes from CottonOn
Price: 35AUD (originally 49.99AUD)

These are the shoes I bought from CottonOn yesterday. I actually didn't find any shoes that I thought were appropriate to buy until my friends and I were a few steps from leaving the store. Quite comfy I must say, though I haven't really worn these boots out yet. These pair would probably be chucked on with my collection of harem pants or any 'cool-coloured' skirts with stockings to complete the Autumn look.

 Lol, but don't trust me on my fashion advice/sense.

Well for some reason blogspot is being somewhat ghey and won't let me annotate this!
Anyhow, this is a bag that my friends bought for me yesterday as a late birthday present (ILOVEYOUJAMIE&KARINA). I absolutely love this bag! Im not sure if I would wear it as a handbag though, the straps are pretty short other than that, the material is soft and is a great accessory to any Autumn outfit! My friends purchased it for 59.99 AUD at Sportsgirl, I dont know if it was on sale but pretty cheap. I wouldn't say the quality is the best but you pay for what you get!

Here are some 'makeup' products I bought at Sportsgirl again. The silver nail polish was priced at 6.99 AUD, which I found quite pricey (takes an approximate of 5-6 minutes to dry) but one coat will do you good, with a coloured base coat of course. The second makeup item I bought was a liquid eyeliner for 12.99AUD. I thought the quality was pretty good for it's price and the liquid pen was quite fine, which made it easy to create thin lines. Would I buy it again? Probably, if I'm looking for a cheap liquid eyeliner.



  1. great mini review too btw!


  2. I should actually get a couple sparkley eye liners we saw the other day ;)