Friday, 22 April 2011

The Pursuit for the Perfect Tights...

Yesterday, Minh and I went to the city with a couple friends for the new Zara store in Sydney. All day, I had been looking for a pair of nice tights, but I could not find any that satisfied any of my criteria. We went to Sports Girl, where I spotted some nice tights, but they weren't all that special. It was not until we arrived at Forever New that discovered their wall of tights.
It's not really that much of a wall, but...

The tights which fitted my criteria were these floral printed ones here:
Both pretty cheap at about $20
Okay, so you probably have guessed that my criteria is just printed flora tights. You're basically right. My pursuit for the perfect tights is just to find a pair of nice and colourfully printed rights to co-ordinate with my mori-girl, fairy-kei, lolita and perhaps hime-gyaru outfits.
You might think that finding a pair of printed floral tights are super easy, but trust me it's not. Especially when you're looking for the "perfect" pair. In fact, you can't find ONE pair of perfect tights. Well, you probably can, but I can't, because tights are just that addictive to collect.
What I probably would catagorise close to perfect would be Celeste Stein tights, prints too many to list.



  1. Lol. Did you end up buying any of these tights?


  2. nope. They weren't the perfect tights, though I might get them if I still can't find the perfect ones :P