Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Odd Egg Out

I lied when I said that the tree necklace would be my last piece for these holidays.
Doesn't the pink egg look a bit like the Nemo egg?
Can you tell it's 3 eggs in a nest?
I actually made this one last night in 3 minutes. Literally. (I could have said 5 seconds, but I wouldn't have been able to say literally...) It was super easy, which was very rewarding.
It's a bit larger than my thumb, so it's pretty small, unlike the huge tree necklace from before.

So the concept of this one is based on the good old story of The Ugly Duckling. The 2 white pearl beads are the duckling eggs and the pink one is the goose egg (COZ IT'S SO PRETTY).
I guess the super roundness of the beads make them look un-egg-like, but I really couldn't be bothered to drill holes in my real egg shaped pearls (no, I just don't want purple eggs...)

Here's another little look at a possible Mori Girl Co-ord:
I think this photograph is trying to tell me something.
I think it's trying to tell me that I need to find more tops for Mori me
So, what do you think?

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