Thursday, 21 April 2011


Hello! Minh and Emily here. Welcome to our new blog, where we'll be posting snippets of our lives, our pursuit to perfect our fashion and art style, and other minor interests and obsessions.

Tidbit about Minh;
And why did I decide to collaborate with my best friend? Really, I don't know. Yes, that is my failed attempt at being interesting and … well, I really didn’t know how to start this so called, ‘introduction’ thing but I guessed I already did. Alright, and so we’ll venture into the mysteries of Minh. I'm starting to bullcrap here, lol.
I’m a girl who is constantly labelled as the “quiet but full of bubbling excitements” (quoted from Emily) one, the weird one I guess. But that’s Minh for you, lmao. Surprisingly, with a music interest of Jrock, and Kpop you’d probably imagine me as a ‘hyper-omgheissohotlookatthosemuscles’ girl but…haha, maybe I am, maybe I’m not.
Want to know more of my interests?
Lmao, Emily and my interests are pretty similar so check out the chick below me!

Emily's world:
Welcome to the word of constantly changing and eccentric obsessions, aka, my wonderland. In this world, you will find bizarre fusions of all things, highly influenced by Japan's Pop Culture. Technology, music, fashion, art and DIY are the monarchs of this world, making me the God; a bit of everything, and bit of nothing. To sum it all up, I am a "computer, art, and maths nerd", mostly but being the Creator of such an awesome world, I'd have to be a pretty good technical engineer with a good mathematical brain, and good taste. 

:) Stay tuned for further posts!

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