Monday, 25 April 2011

Green Fingers in Winter?

Although it's winter down here in Australia, I did my nails today for Moment's like Diamonds' Spring nail art contest!
My equipment:
-Some tissues to clean up edges and any little problems
-My almost empty nail polish remover bottle - to remove old polish and other little mistakes
-A small box of misc. deco pieces
-My trusty nail care tool set
-A couple pieces of nail sticker thingies
-My collection of nail polishes
-Some cheap little diamonds to bling up my nails
-And tweezers

I guess that doing my nails was pretty challenging as there were so many tiny pieces such as the little sequins and their tiny dots which i used instead of the fake diamonds which failed on me. It was also very stressful because some of the polish was thick and turned out bumpy when i put it on my nails. It became so thick at times it took forever to dry, which was annoying.

(Click for a bigger image)
Can you see the birdie and the little bumble bee?
It took me a whole afternoon, which was rather annoying, but at least it didn't fail, right?

It wasn't as great as I had hoped, but I reckon it was still pretty cool because of all the tiny stuff I put on them :P I guess my choice of base colour wasn't the best as well, next time I might use the pink as the base and the blue/green as the second layer.
I didn't want my nails to be too bulky with 3D deco pieces (and school was starting soon and I'd have to take it off D:) so I decided to just use some fake diamonds and little shiny sequins and sequin dots.

Here's a little description of how I did these nails:
1. I first cleaned off any old nail polish from before
2. Used my trusty nail tools and tidied up my nails
3. Picked the nail polish I was going to use as the base (a pastel-y kind of blue/green?) and then applied it
4. Waited a long time for it to dry =_= (I killed a lot of applications because it took the nails so long to dry)
5. I used masking tape to cover the parts I didn't want my second layer of colour to go on, and then applied my second layer (a thick shiny pink nail polish) onto the uncovered parts. (Again, I killed a couple base layers with the masking tape because the base layer wasn't dry enough or was too thick and got stuck to the masking tape) 
 6. I then began doing the rainbow nails while the nails with the second layer of nail polish were drying
- First I drew the clouds with a little white nail polish on a tooth pick
- Then I used another tooth pick to draw on the colours of the rainbow
- After that I used another tooth pick to put on some big sparkle nail polish under the clouds as rain, and stuck on 3 little pale blue sequin dots from my misc. deco collection
2 nails done! 
8. After finishing those 2 nails, the second layers of the other nails hadn't dried yet, so i just decided to stick on the nail stickers so they would stick better.
- I did my thumb first, sticking on a couple flowers, then using a tooth pick I applied some more sparkles from my nail polish, followed by 3 little dark sequin dots under the pink strip I had made, next to one flower.
- I did the same with the other flower, placing the sparkles and sequin dots on top of the pink strip this time.
- After, I spread some more sparkle nail polish and 3 more little pale blue sequin dots on the pink strip.
- After some time, I also stuck on a couple more nail sticker flowers onto my nail because it had looked a little plain and empty.
Another finger done!
9. After the thumb, I did my index finger, sticking on a couple nail sticker flowers, applying some sparkle nail polish, and 3 light coloured sequin dots. 
10. After that, I stuck on a medium sized light blue sequin for the birdie's body, followed by a smaller one for it's head. I stuck on a little fake diamond(?) piece for the eyes and with a tooth pick and some nail polish, I drew on the beak, wings and the tail.
4 fingers done!

11. The nail on my pinkie was covered with a thick layer of nail polish which looked dried on the top, but in actuality, it was very much wet in the middle (hence the bumpiness :P). I had not realised until I was half way done, and had accidentally jammed the tooth pick through the polish D:
- First I stuck on the flowers, applied some sparkle nail polish near the flowers and stuck on 3 pale blue sequin dots on the pink strip.
- After I drew on the bumble bee with a toothpick and some nail polish
All done!

Does it look over crowded and like rainbow vomit?

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