Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Little Something for Mori Me

It's the last week of the holidays, and I realised that the holidays had just passed so quickly. I also realised that I had not made anything, so I dug up my dusty and long neglected wire and beads. I soon decided to make a "little" accessory for my Mori Girl co-ords and this was the result:

Can you tell it's a tree? I was aiming more for a boosai type tree...
I was afraid that I wouldn't finish it by today, but luckily I finished it just this afternoon. I was also very afraid it wouldn't turn out that great, and just a bunch of twisted wires. I had also contemplated adding feathers or tassels on the bottom like a dream catcher, but maybe that would have been too much? I might make some more if I have more time with some dangling charms, just for a couple more variations...
As this may only be the project I will  make this holidays, I wish I could say I totally love this piece. Sadly, this is not so. There is just something that doesn't look right... something I still can't spot yet... Maybe it's the shape/size/colour of the beads? Or the arrangement of the wire to form the roots and branches?

Here's a sneak-peek of a Mori Girl co-ord:
Don't you reckon it looks much like the peace sign?
I suppose it will be the jewel of my Mori Girl co-ords because of the blue I picked...

So what do you guys think of this piece?